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We only sell accessories developed by us.

We chose all the components used for production, paying attention mainly to their durability and strength. All the components used: threads, tapes, fabrics, foams, plywood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy profiles are, each in its class, one of the best. We create products for years.

We offer: yoga training wall, yoga belt, tapes with wooden handles, training bar, and smaller accessories such as a double loop with a
stainless steel connector, or stainless steel connectors with a shackle-buckle.

Yoga wall (designed for self-assembly) is offered in several different veneers. Choose the color and texture that best suits you.

About us

We create equipment that can be used in yoga rooms, but also at home for everyday practice. We tested all the components used to create solutions that are durable, functional, safe and as comfortable as possible.

Over the years, we have been producing new equipment variants for our own needs, improving and reworking them. After trying a number of commercially available tape, clamps, fittings and other items were faced with the need to design our own original solutions. Our products are a combination of: our own designs, the best materials available on the market and the work of excellent professionals.


If you are satisfied with our products, please send us photos from your home studio or training place and we will be happy to post them on our website in the gallery below. It will be an inspiration for us and other

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