Double strap loop with stainless steel fastener


Double strap loop (with two comfortable grip distances) for attaching to our yoga wall.

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Useful in many exercises where for example you are standing with your side to the training wall and you need to hold yourself tightly with one hand and to be able to change the height of attachment quickly or when you want to hang our foot in a loop at a selected height instead of leaning it against a hard bar.

A double loop made of 16 mm wide belt is permanently connected with a stainless steel fastener. (compatible only with our training wall) After fastening it can be pulled in all directions.

Its length after mounting to the training wall (distance from the anchor point to the gripping point – 54 cm, with a half-way grip at a distance of 30 cm)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Bearing belt

made of polyamide fibers. Belts hold a certification. Tear resistance of the bearing belt (width 16 mm) is about 1200 kG (kilogram force). Certified according to PN-EN ISO 13934-1:2002 standard


super strength polyamide fibers

Training wall fasteners

stainless steel, inside the fasteners – elastomer springs – not affected by corrosion

Unhooking protection

rings sliding over fasteners manual shifting

Distance of the loop (grip point) from the wall

30 cm and 54 cm

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